About the film

Winner of 5 international awards and acclaimed by kids, families and communities all over the world, Child of Nature Feature documentary is an epic global journey, filmed in 15 countries along 4 years.

Narrated by a young journalist from India, the movie follows 5 connected stories of young people who against all odds are transforming their lives and the lives of those around them.

Tales of courage, hope and generosity that will both amaze the mind and touch the heart.

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  • Directed & Produced by
    Marcos Negrão
  • Executive Producer
    Miguel Krigsner, Joseph Litzinger
  • Assistant Director
    Johanna Schnell, Sonia Mackwani
  • Associate Producers
    Andre Rangel, David S. Robert, Ally Siegel
  • Edited by
    Andre Rangel, Mohamed El Manasterly
  • Cinematography by
    Emily Topper, Marcos Negrao, Guga Millet
  • Music by
    Marc Vanocur
  • Additional Music by
    Pedro Igel, Bruno Waddington, Gabriel Gib
  • Assistant Editors
    Sabrina Gortz, Itauana Coquet, Trupti Karoor
  • Production Coordinators
    Alok Guha, Bianca Mcmahan, Marco Gassler

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We Believe in the Power of Stories

Child of Nature is also a multimedia educational project. Our goal is to empower the new generation to bring about change!

We believe that stories play a powerful role in education. Through moving films about extraordinary children and youth, who against all odds are transforming their communities, we aim to inspire students all over the world.

Our films and lesson guides provide opportunities to examine universal themes which include: World Peace, Social Justice, Human Rights, Environmental Sustainability, Youth Leadership, Cultural Diversity, Service Projects among others. Our lessons facilitate the development of students’ critical thinking, and deeper values like empathy, collaboration, ethics, hope, and resilience.

We invite teachers and students to watch our stories, get to know other cultures, immerse ourselves in global issues, exchange ideas, develop actions, network and create impact on our planet. We believe that children and youth can accomplish remarkable things!